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How Swaggle Works


I’m Jordan Ancel, and the dapper guy to the left is my pal Chauncey.

Chauncey, mastermind that he is, came to me and said, “Jeeves, let’s create something where people can save money on everything for their dogs, and we can use the money we make to save dogs’ lives.”

After reminding Chauncey that I’m not his butler, was born.

We’ll post new deals for something amazing so you’ll have the opportunity to browse some great products for your favorite furry family member!

And it’s easy-breezy!

1. Sign Up — Create a Free Account and add to your email list so we don’t go to spam.

2. Shop For Awesome Stuff!

3. Save Dogs — With every purchase, we donate a portion of our profits to charities and rescues that save dogs’ lives.

4. Share The Offer — The more you share, the more dogs’ lives we can save! AWESOME!


5. Get Free Stuff — When you buy something on and then share that offer with your friends, you’ll get yours free when five people buy it! DOUBLE AWESOME!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be listing all the charities and rescues we’ll be working with. If you have a particular organization you love, send us a woof at and we’ll check them out!

We’ll also give you the opportunity to donate directly to your favorite group whenever you make a purchase.

Check back soon for the launch of our blog which will be full of useful info!


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